Thursday, 27 July 2017

Term 2 Book Review.

The elsewhere Chronicles.

This story is about four kids, named Rebecca, Max, Noah and Theo. It started when Rebecca and her foster family went to her grandpa Gabe's funeral untill...she met max, Noah and Theo at the semmetry. Rebecca, Max, Noah and Theo went into grandpa gabe's house where they found something interesting. The four friends discovered a movie projector that took them to another dimension that grandpa gabe created, but on the other side was a dangerous place filled with deadly shadow creatures that something, or someone had created to get Rebecca.

I recommend you to read this comic.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Current Events Term 2, 2017

WALT: I can successfully research a current event. 
Here is a link to our online modelling book for this unit of learning. 
The National Standard that I have been aiming for during this unit of learning is:

  • Year7/8: I can use appropriate skills and technologies to find and use a range of texts for specific purposes.
Each week we have read a short text about a current event/ topic. We then formed questions based on what we had read.  After this we researched the answers to our questions and finally we gave our opinions on what we had found out. 
Here is some evidence of my learning. 

My Next Step is to continue to  apply the reading and  research skills that I have learned in a variety of other areas.

Term 2 Novel Study

This term I have been reading and studying the novel … ( type the name of your novel here)

I found this novel (interesting, ok, etc)  because… (back yourself up with good reasons.)

During the novel I had to complete a thinking map which shows that I can classify how the author has shown the theme of the book.
Link to Classify Map ( make this link live with your doc)

Year 7/8  Standard
I can identify and evaluate the way writers’ use language and ideas to suit their purpose and I can use my growing wide range of academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts.

I have a large vocabulary that is connected to my own knowledge about the world and includes: - academic e.g observe vs watch - subject-specific (specific words about a subject (e.g feline) - technical terms (specialised vocabulary of a particular field.)
Overall I would give this novel a rating of  _______/10 ( insert your rating here) and I would / would not (highlight in green the one that applies to you)  recommend it to others to read because……………...because…………

In ARTS this term we have been learning to: Drama

Here is a link to our online modelling book. 
  • During this unit of learning we:
  • Described the characteristics of silent performances. 
  • Identified different techniques used in silent performances. 
  • Used these techniques in a variety of different practice situations. 
  • Worked in a small group to put together our own silent performance. 
The most challenging part of this unit of learning was...trying to make everything perfect for every seen.
The two things that I enjoyed the most were:
  1.  Acting with my friends and enjoying it.
  2.  Practiceing it.
The story that my group told silently was when crystal was sleeping and me and warisha gets jealous and try's to steal it.....
Overall I think my group worked well it was all going according to plan but when we filmed it it didn't go so well......

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Classify plane shapes and prisms by their spatial features

In Maths we have been using to:  Classify plane shapes and prisms by their spatial features
Here is a link to our online modelling book. This shows all of the learning we have been doing. 
EVIDENCE of my learning. 
Here are some screenshots to show the IXL activities I have completed. 

My next step is to continue to apply what I have learned in a range of problem solving activities.